5 Non-Profits Working Hard To Change The World

Make no mistake, the non-profit organizations listed here are NOT the only organizations in the world that are fighting to make a difference on earth. There are many of them, which is good news for humanity, and mother earth.

We will share more of these as well learn about them in the future, but for now, these are 5 non-profit organizations that are working hard to change the world. Feel free to go onto to their websites to learn exact what they are doing and how you can help.

5 Non-Profit Enviromental Organizations

  1. (BEST) Bermuda Enviromental Sustaninability Tastkforce – This organization focuses on the Bermuda. They are on a mission to preserve and ehance the qaulity of life in that area. They work to influence policy, build capacity, community education & outreach, and responding to events.
  2. Green Up Our Schools – This organization has a special niche like most do. Their goal is to green up our schools by reducing and funding for proposed waste reduction, recycling, and composting plans in elementary Schools.
  3. Pacific Blue Foundation – Focus point is the South Pacific Island nations and other coastal regions. They are dedicated to Conversing cultural and biological diveristy.
  4. Tree Musketeers – ┬áThis organization empowers young people to be enviromental leaders and has a vision that children all over the world are planting trees and leading the charge of change.
  5. We – This organizations participates in ongoing awareness and action campaigns to ensure basic human needs and well being worldwide, restore healthy eco-systems and enviromental stewardship, and create a culture of peace and nonviolence from individuals to nation-states.

As you see all hope is not lost for present and future generations. There are organizations and people out there trying to change things. Look for more mentions and interesting articles regarding enviromental nonprofits in the future.

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