Paper Towels are Poisoning Our Enviroment

Just to create one ton of paper towels, over 17 trees have to be destroyed, and 20,000 gallons of water is poluted. It’s disgusting. Everytime we whipe something up in our kitchen or use them for various common task, we are making a huge contribution to our enviroment. A contribution that is bad for our planet and our future.

Paper Towels are Poisoning our enviroment…

Did you know that decompsing paper towels can produce methane gas? Yes, those very same paper towels who look harmless, are one part of the ever growing demise of our green earth. Methane gas is a leading cause for Global warming. Think about it. Do you want our children, and our children’s kids to suffer from our neglegence.

We need to change. We need to start using green products, and start making a difference in our enviroment. We need you to change, and shop smarter. Purchase green products.

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